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Preconfigured Wansview K1 Full HD 1080P Wired/Wireless IP Camera

Wansview K1 is a great indoor IP camera that natively supports uploading .MP4 video clips (with audio) to the cloud. The day-time video quality is awesome. In complete darkness, the video quality is not as impressive, but still good for indoor monitoring.

Camera Hardware Specification

Wansview K1
Wired Yes
Wi-Fi Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Video Resolution 1920x1080, 1280x720
Night-Vision Up to 30 feet
Motion Detection Yes
Viewing Angle Super wide viewing angle of 120 degree
Video Recording Yes - very high quality
Audio Recording Yes - very high quality

(Optional) Wireless AP - recommended if you are not tech savvy.
Wireless type 802.11 b/g/n
Antenna Dual-Antenna
Max Wireless Speed 300Mbps
Ports 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports

Image Gallery for Wansview K1

Video Gallery for Wansview K1


Supported Video Recording Service Plans

1920 x 1080 Resolution

Plan ID
Plan Details
W1 1 fps, motion recording $6.32 $63.20 374Kbps
W2 2 fps, motion recording $8.01 $80.10 633Kbps
W3 3 fps, motion recording $8.95 $89.50 771Kbps
W4 5 fps, motion recording $12.12 $121.20 1.1Mbps
W5 1 fps, continuous recording $12.65 $126.50 374Kbps
W6 2 fps, continuous recording $16.03 $160.30 633Kbps
W7 3 fps, continuous recording $17.89 $178.90 771Kbps
W8 5 fps, continuous recording $24.25 $242.50 1.1Mbps

1280 x 720 Resolution

Plan ID
Plan Details
W9 1 fps, motion recording $4.80 $48.80 240Kbps
W10 2 fps, motion recording $6.41 $64.10 407Kbps
W11 3 fps, motion recording $6.95 $69.50 495Kbps
W12 5 fps, motion recording $8.81 $88.10 750Kbps
W13 1 fps, continuous recording $9.76 $97.60 240Kbps
W14 2 fps, continuous recording $12.81 $128.10 407Kbps
W15 3 fps, continuous recording $13.90 $139.00 495Kbps
W16 5 fps, continuous recording $17.62 $176.20 750Kbps

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Pre-configured Wansview K1 Full HD 1080P IP camera


Optional 300Mbps Wi-Fi router
Recommended if you are not tech savvy


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Discontinued. You can order cameras from any vendor and configure them with CameraFTP.

The above plans are for 7-day retention. You can order a Custom Plan with longer retention days by
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