CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera APP for iOS - use iPhone/iPad as IP security camera

CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera is NOT a standalone app, it is part of CameraFTP's Home & Business Security service.

The APP can make your smartphone or tablet a cloud-based IP security camera. It can record and upload the footage to CameraFTP cloud storage. You can view / play back the recorded footage on any device from anywhere, anytime.

It is much easier than real IP cameras / DVRs. If you have an old or un-used iPhone/iPad, then the "camera" cost will be 0. This is particularly useful if you want to start the security service immediately, or if you just want to test the service. For long term security / surveillance needs, we recommend using a real IP camera / DVR or webcam.

Screenshots iPhone iPad
Business Monitoring,
Use Phone as IP Camera
Time-lapse Recording,
Embed Camera in Web Page
Live View, Play Back,
2-way Video Call
Broad Cloud Recording/
Monitoring Features
Support Most IP Cameras/

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Release Date: 
System:  iOS 8.0 or later