Webcam Security Camera APP for Windows - use webcam as IP security camera

Webcam Security Camera is NOT a standalone APP, it is part of CameraFTP's Home & Business Security service.

The APP can use webcam as a network security camera. It supports the built-in webcam and external USB webcams. It can record and upload the footage to CameraFTP cloud storage. You can view / play back the recorded footage on any device from anywhere, anytime.

It is easier and more affordable than real IP cameras / DVRs. Cloud recording also makes it more secure than other security systems.

If you have multiple USB webcams, this APP can only work with one webcam at a time. You can use CameraFTP VSS software to support multiple webcams and IP cameras.

Use Webcam Security Camera as Baby Monitor
Webcam Security Camera Monitoring Home
Use Webcam Security Camera as Pet Monitor
Webcam Security Camera Monitoring a Store
Settings Tab - Webcam Security Camera
Supports Live View / Playback from Anywhere
Low Cost, Flexible Pricing & Plans

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System:  Win8, Win10
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