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I've setup my Amcrest 722S following the guidelines in your support "how to".  My Camera FTP plan is for 1 image every 5 minutes. However, the maximum upload interval available in the Amcrest setup is 7 seconds! CameraFTP lets the upload happen, but the alloted space fills up and the images can't be sent any longer to CameraFTP because the space is full.

I've contacted Amcrest and even though their website support page says that "custom" timing is available-- it is not. Their support wasn't helpful.

So what can I do?

8/22/2022 1:21:23 PM

Could you please email us a few screenshots showing how you configured the camera? In particular, we'd like to see the screeshots showing your upload frequency / interval. 

In our setup guide page for Amcrest cameras, you can setup a longer interval, but if your camera model does not support it, there is not much the server can do. Please note CameraFTP server cannot control / configure your camera; it does not and cannot connect to your camera. (Your camera connects to our server).

To solve the problem, please check if they have a newer (or older?) version firmware.

If you have a spare PC, you can use CameraFTP VSS software connecting to the camera. CameraFTP VSS can display live camera video on your PC screen and upload footage to the cloud.

8/23/2022 12:52:13 AM

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