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I'm using an IP camera which uses an App called CamHi for the settings - and the options are basic - but I'm getting a Test Failed message every time I test. Unfortunately it comes with no diagnostic info. 

I've added the server address, port, username and password correctly.

The final field is labelled path. I'm adding my directory path as /[name of camera]

Is it obvious what I'm doing wrong?

9/2/2020 5:08:19 AM

Please email us a screenshot showing how/what you configured in your camera. For the password, please try both your regular account password and the FTP password associated with a camera license.

You can find your FTP password(s) by logging on to, then go to "My Cameras" page, click Configure IP Cameras, or click the Settings icon below your camera thumbnail.

Your regular account password should always allow you to log on. The FTP password can be used after you added a camera from "My Cameras" page and bind the camera with a license. If you use an FTP password associated with a license, then the FTP directory path is optional. It will automatically use the camera name as the FTP directory (path).

If you use your regular account password, then you must explicitly enter the FTP directory/path.

9/2/2020 8:26:52 AM

 Thanks for the reply. These are the server settings I'm using below. 

As I said, the password is the one supplied by CameraFTP, so that's right and I've checked it a couple of times. I've also now tried using my account password, both with and without the specified path, but neither of them working.

I'm communicating with the camera through the app via 4G cellphone SIM. Does that make sense?

9/2/2020 9:12:31 AM

( Please note this is a public forum. Messages (screenshots) posted here can be viewed by anybody. )

I don't see any problem in this screenshot. You might need to tap Apply before you tap "Test FTP Settings". We have not seen any FTP connection requests from your camera. The problem could be:

(1) There is a network problem. Please check if you can connect to using any FTP client such as FileZilla. You must test it from the same network as your camera. If you can connect with FileZilla or other FTP client software, then it means CameraFTP service, your account and your network are all fine. 

You can check if there is a DNS problem. Change to, click Apply and the test the FTP settings again. 

(2) If it still does not work, then the problem is with the camera. Please make sure the camera is connected to the network and that it is allowed to connect to the Internet ( You can try to power off the camera and on again.

(3) If a power cycle still cannot solve the problem, you can check if there is a newer version firmware. You  probably will need to contact the camera manufacturer or order a different camera brand/model. 

Alternatively, if you have a spare PC, you can try CameraFTP VSS software:

CameraFTP VSS can use a PC/laptop as a CCTV DVR system. The PC needs to be always on; but it can display camera live view. It works like a traditional CCTV (that also uploads footage to the cloud).





9/2/2020 10:25:37 AM

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