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hello support ,

i have install VSS on my laptop and integrate the webcam with VSS , the motion detection videos are stored on the laptop's hard drive, but not uploaded to my account on cameraFTP. what could be wrong ?

username: sub200200

your support is highly appreciated . 

12/26/2019 5:45:30 AM

I checked your account, everything is fine on the server side. If CameraFTP VSS software can display the live video, but does not upload it to the cloud, then you should be able to see some error message from the VSS software.  Please click Settings in VSS software main window, then click Event Log -> Send Event Logs to Support.

Without seeing the detailed log, I guess your router/firewall blocked FTP. Please use a popular FTP client such as FileZilla to test if it can connect to with your username and password. If it cannot, then you need to fix your router/firewall settings to allow FTP.



12/27/2019 3:04:28 PM

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