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 sometimes when i watch the recorded images its appear this message and i cant watch anymore


thank you



3/27/2019 9:54:30 AM

Your camera was incorrectly configured to upload both images and videos. You ordered an image recording plan, so your camera should be configured to only upload image files. (otherwise, it will require two different camera subscriptions). Once you stop uploading video files, this problem will be resolved after a while.

The recorded video files will not be deleted immediately, but you can manually delete them. To view/manage your files, please click the folder icon below your camera thumbnail.  Please also note we don't support .H260 video format; we support a lot of video formats such as .MP4, .AVI, .MKV and .H264, etc.  and we certainly support .JPG images.








4/10/2019 12:17:08 PM

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