CameraFTP Mobile Apps and PC Software:

Mobile Security Camera -
An app that makes a smart phone, tablet or webcam a network security camera. No hardware purchase is needed.
Security Camera Viewer -
Monitor or play back the camera scene on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone from anywhere at any time.
Virtual Security System -
A unique software-based multi-camera CCTV DVR system using a PC and webcams / IP cameras.
Mobile Security Camera
Camera Viewer
Virtual Security System software
  • Virtual Security System software - turn a PC into an cloud DVR
    for WindowsVersion: 1.3.59
    Virtual Security System is a CameraFTP unique application and service. It is a software-based CCTV DVR system. More info >>
CameraFTP Camera Configuration Tool
  • Configure your IP cameras for cloud recording
    for WindowsVersion: 1.0.300
    Configuring an IP camera for cloud recording and playback can be challenging. Without cloud recording, IP cameras usually can only support real-time viewing; even if it supports local recording, it is not secure as the recorded data can be easily destroyed by an intruder.