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I have a Vstarcam C7837WIP wireless IP  camera.  The FTP settings only allow you to set the server, port, username, and password.  There is no setting for the upload folder.  How do I set this?  On my test FTP server, I tried to add "/foldername" after the server IP, but that did not work.  How would I specify the upload folder for this service?

10/13/2015 4:29:28 PM


While most cameras do support the foldername/path function, we have seen some unique models that have limitations on what can be customized. While appending the folder name to the server name should in theory work, some cameras do force their own proprietary naming format. You can read a little more about our testing of Vstarcams here:, but ultimately this will come down to what the camera itself supports, so you might benefit from reaching out to the camera manufacturer. 

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3/1/2018 5:08:16 PM

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