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To help users configure their cameras, we are adding more Camera Setup Manuals. We have recently added manuals for the following IP camera models:

   -  D-Link DCS-2132L, a very popular indoor wireless 1MP video / image camera;

   -  D-Link DCS-7110, a high-end outdoor PoE 2MP video / image network camera;

   -  TRENDnet TV-IP762IC, a low-cost indoor wireless 720P video / image IP camera;

   -  TRENDnet TV-IP310PI, a low-cost outdoor PoE 3MP wired image IP camera;

   -  Foscam FI9831P, a wireless 1.3MP PTZ indoor image / video IP camera;

   -  TP-Link TL-SC3230, a low-cost 1.3MP wired video IP camera.

You can download the setup manuals from our FTP site:

We have also created a setup manual for generic video / image IP cameras.

There are so many IP camera models, most of them compatible with our service. It is not possible for us to create setup manuals for all IP cameras, but we will try our best to add more setup manuals in the near future. (We strongly encourage IP camera vendors and manufacturers to test their cameras with CameraFTP service and email us the configuration info. If the info is useful, we will publish it on our support page or the "Camera Setup Manuals" page).

If your camera model is not listed here, most likely you can still use our service unless you bought a camera that is locked down with a particular service provider.




8/6/2015 3:00:34 PM

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