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 Hello, everyone. I am new to this, and I would love to get some advice. I want to have a portable IP video surveillance system that I can take with me when I travel.

The idea is to have a wireless IP video camera that uploads video directly to the cloud without having to wire connect it to external Digital/Network Video Recorders or Network Attached Storage because those will require additional hardware that I want to avoid.
Are there any cameras + cloud services that allow for that? Also, I am worried about the wireless cameras' battery life. Is it even able to record video for a long time without being recharged?
Any advice or links would be very appreciated.
Thank you.

9/27/2022 5:55:10 PM

CameraFTP does not make or sell IP cameras. We are a cloud service provider. Sorry I am not familiar with such cameras. Based on your requirements, you probably can find some battery-powered IP cameras. However, such camea usually cannot record continuously, and you will have to re-configure it whenever your WiFi changes. Many hotels have special WiFi access points that require authentication via a web browser. IP cameras are likely not compatible with such devices.

You might consider using an old smartphone as an IP camera by installing CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera app. Please watch this video:

It seems to match your requirements very well.


9/29/2022 12:04:32 AM

Will do. Thx.

9/29/2022 8:14:12 AM

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