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 Hi, Does anyone know of a compatible camera that you can mount on a pole or wall that is totally solar powered (no AC adapter) and can FTP a series of images via 4G network?  Thanks, John

11/10/2021 2:19:13 PM

We have not tested a 4G camera. Reolink has 4G and/or battery-powered IP cameras with solar panel. The problem is: A battery-powered IP camera is usually in standby/sleep mode. It cannot record/work continuously. While techically it is possible for the camera to wake up periodically and upload an image(s), unfortunately Reolink battery-powered IP cameras can only support motion-triggered recording. If it works for you, you can watch this video for more detailed info about how to configure it:

Otherwise, you might want to use a smartphone as an IP camera and use CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera app. Please watch this video for more details:

1/12/2022 5:09:35 PM

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