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Our camera stops working for hours and days at a time. 

When I look at the camera logs, I can see the timer event, and bandwidth consistent with an FTP upload - Every minute the camera uploads 1mbit of data for about 2 seconds so I know the JPG is being uploaded. 

However I dont see the jpg in our camera folder, or on the web player. 

It says the last activity was 2 hours ago but I can see it is still uploading files every minute. 

What could be causing this? 

10/14/2017 10:28:45 PM

Your cameras are working fine now.  I don't see any problem about your account.

If a camera stops working, first of all, please log on to, click the message icon on top-right corner of the screen. Check if there are any error messages there. The error messages should be helpful in locating the problem. Secondly, please go to My Cameras page, click the gear icon below the camera thumbnail. It will go to the Edit Camera / Camera Properties page. This page will check if your camera is configured with the correct parameters (matching with your subscription plan). 

If you still cannot find the problem (and if your camera had been working for a long time), then usually it is a camera problem or network problem. Try to restart your camera and / or router. If the problem persists, please follow the instructions at:



3/1/2018 10:20:33 AM

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